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40 Horses Rescued From California Ranch Fire

by ihearthorses

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When the Saddleridge Fire came dangerously close to a ranch located in Sylmar, California, the community banded together to rescue 40 horses threatened by the deadly blaze.

The Saddlebridge Fire broke out in the evening of Thursday October 10, 2019. The fire would remain active for days, and not long after its ignition, the blaze threatened the Saddletree Ranch Equestrian Center and the 40 horses that were housed there.

Eventually the fire would burn thousands of acres, shut down highways, schools, and local businesses, and caused thousands of locals to begin evacuating. The horses at the ranch were terrified, with no idea what to do amongst the smoke and flames surrounding them.

In an interview with KCAL, ranch worker Alejo Morals said he put out an emergency message on social media, and not long after that, help began to arrive.

“We had a lot of friends that came through and helped us,” Morales says,”We started getting phone calls and [more] phone calls, and people just started piling up and getting the horses [out.] ”

“We had big trailers so we just got horses in and out,” said Horacio Diaz, another worker at the ranch. “We want to thank the whole community for helping us out. They really came through for us.”

Watch the harrowing footage here: 


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