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5 Ways To Identify Your Tack And Supplies When You Board Your Horse

by ihearthorses

When you board your horse at a large boarding barn, it can become difficult to keep track of your supplies. Items like fly spray, crops, and brushes have a way of just walking off, which means that it’s important to clearly identify them as yours. These five tips can help you to identify your items so that you don’t have to worry about them being lost.

Paint Brushes


Need to identify your brushes as your own? Get a little creative with paint. You can paint your name or your horse’s name onto most brushes. A magic marker works, too, if you want to save time. Not artistic? There are a number of artists who paint and customize horse brushes out there so you don’t have to do it yourself.

Invest In Unique Colors and Patterns

Image Source: Liz West via Flickr

Image Source: Liz West via Flickr


Consider adopting a pattern or color across all of your horse’s supplies. From blankets to saddle pads to polo wraps, having a unique color or pattern makes it easy to identify which supplies belong to you and your horse.

Magic Marker Solves Everything

Image Source: TC Conner via Flickr

Image Source: TC Conner via Flickr


Always keep a magic marker in your trunk. Magic marker is good for identifying just about anything, including bell boots, fly spray, grooming tools, and First Aid supplies.

Put Dog Tags on Blankets


It’s time-consuming to search for those little name labels inside of blankets, and they never seem to be positioned in the same area from blanket to blanket. Instead, put your horse’s name on his blankets in a much clearer way by attaching a small dog tag to the front buckle of each blanket. Your horse’s name will be located in a common place on all blankets, and you can even have the blanket’s size or your name engraved on the tag, too.


Image Source: Ole Husby

Image Source: Ole Husby


Looking for a more stylish way to go? Then think about monogramming your equipment. You can get blankets, saddle pads, and even fly masks monogrammed today, which provides both a beautiful touch and helps to keep your items from being confused for someone else’s.

With a little creativity, you can manage to identify just about any horse-related item that you own. Don’t forget to make these identification methods permanent, so that they don’t wear off and can’t be easily removed. With expensive items like your saddle, be sure that you record the serial number and any other identifying marks so that you have this information in case of a mix-up.



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