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5 Ways To Make Your Horse Healthier

by ihearthorses

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Every horse owner wants their horse to live a long and healthy life. Are you putting these tips to work in order to help make your horse healthier?

Buy a Quality Feed

A horse is only as healthy as the feed that he eats. It’s wise to always buy the best quality feed and hay that you can afford. By providing your horse with quality feed, you’re setting him up to be healthier from the inside-out. It’s also important to remember that feed contamination is currently a sad but very real issue in the world; buying feed from a reputable manufacturer can lessen the chances of this happening to you and your horse.

Provide More Turnout Time

Image source: Mike via Flickr.com

Image source: Mike via Flickr.com

Horses weren’t meant to spend their lives in stalls, and time in the pasture provides them with so many health benefits. The act of moving around while in turnout helps to keep blood circulating through your horse’s hooves, while also keeping his digestive system working properly. When you turn your horse out in a pasture, he can graze gradually throughout the day, which reduces his chances of developing colic or ulcers. Maximizing your horse’s turnout time is one easy way to make him healthier.

Keep Your Horse Fit

Domesticated horses need enough exercise in order to keep them fit. If your horse’s pasture is relatively small, then it’s particularly important that you make sure to provide him with regular exercise. Hand walking, lunging, or riding your horse can help to keep him fit, preventing him from becoming obese while also keeping his overall body healthy.

Check In With Your Vet and Farrier

Your vet and farrier are important partners in keeping your horse healthy. Make sure that your horse sees the vet at least once a year, and schedule farrier appointments regularly so that your horse’s hooves stay appropriately trimmed and in good condition.

Establish a Deworming Program

Work with your vet to establish a deworming program that works with your horse and your caretaking style. Some owners deworm their horses on a rotational schedule, while others opt for daily feed-through dewormers or only deworm is a fecal test indicates an internal parasite problem. Talk with your vet to determine which method is most suitable and effective for your situation.

There are many ways that you can improve your horse’s health, but these five tips are simple and easy to implement.

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