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6 Essential Spring Horse Care Supplies

by ihearthorses

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The seasons have changed and the spring is here at last. Are you stocked up on the supplies that you will need to care for your horse this spring? The brief list below can help you to get started.

Fly Spray

Fly spray will become your horse’s best friend every spring. Make sure to purchase a quality spray which is effective on the flies in your location. Always test out a new fly spray on a small area on your horse – some horses may be allergic to certain fly spray ingredients. To save money, consider purchasing fly spray in bulk and mixing your own.


Image source: Amanda via Flickr.com

Image source: Amanda via Flickr.com

The spring means that you can finally give your horse a bath after the long winter. Make sure that you’re stocked up on equine shampoo so that you can get your horse squeaky clean. It might be wise to buy some medicated shampoo in case your horse contracts scratches or rain rot. Just be sure to avoid bathing your horse too frequently – you can dry out his skin and strip oils from his coat with too many baths.


Clippers are a must-have in the spring. Clipping the hair behind your horse’s fetlocks can help to prevent scratches or rain rot. If you plan on showing your horse, then the spring is a good time to practice your clipping skills before the real show prep begins.

Shedding Blade

Image source: Wendy via Flickr.com

Image source: Wendy via Flickr.com

Don’t forget to have a shedding blade on hand each spring. A shedding blade makes it easy to help remove the dead hair from your horse’s winter coat. Start your grooming session with a good currying, and then use the shedding blade to pull off the hair that you’ve brought to the surface.

Weight Tape

It’s important to assess your horse’s health and weight each spring. Keep a weight tape in your tack box so that you can check and monitor your horse’s weight. Some horses tend to lose weight over the winter, while others gain. You may need to make adjustments in your horse’s feed and exercise schedule to help him get back to his optimum weight.

Hoof Pick

While it’s important to pick your horse’s hooves all year long, it becomes particularly important in the spring. Muddy pastures can cause rocks and debris to become compacted in your horse’s hooves, and mud is also full of bacteria which can cause thrush if not removed. Be sure to pick your horse’s hooves regularly in the spring and follow up with a thrush treatment if necessary.

What are some of your must-have springtime supplies?

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