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6 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Current Boarding Barn

by ihearthorses

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Are you beginning to wonder whether it’s time that you leave your current boarding barn? Every boarding barn has its advantages and disadvantages, but sometimes things get to a point where it’s better if you just move on. Keep an eye out for these six signs that it’s time you and your horse leave.

The Care Is Declining

Dana via Flickr

Dana via Flickr


One of the major reasons that boarders leave facilities is that the care declines. Hopefully you’ll never face this situation, but a decline in care gives you every right to look elsewhere for a barn. Refer to the care outlined in your boarding contract. If stalls go uncleaned, water buckets go unfilled, or your horse doesn’t receive enough feed, you will likely need to look for a new barn.

Dangerous Situations Arise


In some cases, you may find that dangerous situations arise while you’re at a boarding barn. If you talk with  the barn owner and the situations cannot be avoided, then it may be time to move on for the safety of yourself and your horse.

Your Horse Isn’t Doing Well


Sometimes barns and particular situations are just a poor fit for your horse. Some horses do well with lots of turnout, and others don’t. Some horses do well being stalled for long hours, while others don’t. If you notice a decline in your horse’s health (both mental and physical), then you may need to look for a new place for him.



You Need Better Options


As we progress in our riding, our needs change. Maybe you and your horse go in a different direction and want access to a cross-country course. Or maybe it’s time to advance from the trainer at your boarding barn. Sometimes moving to a new barn is the only way to keep progressing.

The Prices Become Too High


Business owners are sometimes forced to increase their rates from time to time in order to keep up with the continuously increasing prices of gas, supplies, and more. But significant increases in boarding rates can be hard to swallow. If your board increases so much that keeping your horse is a financial struggle, then it’s best to look for a new barn.

You’re No Longer Having Fun


If you find that you’re dreading your trips to the barn, then it’s really time that you move on. Horseback riding is supposed to be a stress reliever and an activity that you enjoy. A barn that’s a poor fit can detract from this, so don’t hesitate to find somewhere new if you no longer enjoy going to the barn.

Everyone moves barns now and again. Chances are that you’ll know when it’s time to start looking for a new barn.

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