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6 Tips To Help Your Horse Fight The Flies

by ihearthorses

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Are the flies driving your horse buggy this summer? Don’t worry, we have six tips to help your horse fight the flies.

Invest In Fly Gear

Invest in some quality fly gear for your horse. A fly mask is a must, and you may also want to use a fly sheet and even fly leg wraps. This gear can help to physically keep the flies off of your horse’s body, but it’s important that everything fit your horse properly. If you use fly gear, make sure that you remove all of it daily to check your horse over for injuries.

Use a Quality Fly Spray

Image Source: Tatinauk via Flickr

Image Source: Tatinauk via Flickr

Fly spray can also help to fight the flies. Invest in a quality fly spray. You may have to try out a few different kinds of fly spray before you figure out what works best for your horse. There are also topical products that you can treat your horse with less often, but beware – some of these can cause horses to have reactions. Always try any new product on a small test site on your horse before doing a full application.

Get Rid of Your Manure Pile

Image Source: Don DeBold via Flickr

Image Source: Don DeBold via Flickr

Flies love nothing more than horse manure. If you have a manure pile building up near your barn, get rid of it by either offering it up to local gardeners or by paying someone to come and remove it. This simple act can greatly reduce the fly population around your barn.

Use a Feed-Through Fly Deterrent

You may choose to try using one of the feed-through fly deterrent products on the market. You feed them like supplements, by adding them to your horse’s feed each day. These products change the way that your horse smells and tastes to flies, reducing their eagerness to bite your horse.

Clean Your Barn Regularly

Image Source: Sean via Flickr

Image Source: Sean via Flickr

Keeping a clean barn can reduce the fly population. Clean stalls daily, and more often if your horses are inside for long periods of time. Be sure to always sweep up any spilled feed, and keep your feed room as clean as possible.

Consider Nighttime Turnout

Still no luck with improving the fly situation? You might want to consider turning your horse out at night. Flies are less active and the temperatures are cooler; your horse may appreciate the nighttime turnout.

Good luck in your fight against the flies!

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