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6 Tips To Keep Your Horse Pasture In Great Shape

by ihearthorses

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Your horse pastures take a lot of wear and tear during the year, and without proper care, they can quickly get worn down. But there are tips and tricks to help keep your pasture looking nice all the time. Consider these 6 tips to help keep your pastures in great shape:

Horse grazing on a pasture in the highlands

Rotate Pastures

One of the best ways to keep your horse pastures in good condition is to practice pasture rotation. Pasture rotation refers to rotating your horses throughout various pastures so that one of your pastures remains empty for a period of time. By taking your horses off of one of the pastures, you give that pasture time to recover so that it’s ready to support horses again.

Herd of horses in the pasture

Mow Regularly

Be sure to mow your pastures at least a few times each spring and summer to keep weeds under control. If left unchecked, weeds can grow so large that they overshadow and choke out the grass. As you mow, keep an eye out for plants which are toxic to horses, and remove your horses from the pasture until the toxic plants can be completely removed.

grazing horses in autumn

Reseed When Necessary

In some cases, you may need to reseed your pastures. Reseeding a pasture is costly, but it can also help to bring a poor quality pasture back to life. One way to avoid having to reseed a pasture is to make sure that you don’t overcrowd the pasture with more horses than the grass can adequately support.

Horses grazing

Minimize Mud

Mud can make pastures hazardous for horses, and deep mud can cause issues like hoof abscesses, thrush, and tendon tears and strains. If your pasture has a mud problem, do the best that you can to get it under control. Installing drainage options can help to minimize mud, and putting down pea gravel in troublesome areas can create a safer surface.


Clean Up Manure

Leaving horse manure in your pastures can contribute to the mud issue, making the ground slick. It’s important to also remember that parasites can grow in manure, potentially infecting your horse. Clean up horse manure regularly. If you can’t clean the manure up, then harrow the pasture to break the manure up, drying it out.

Horses in Ireland

Invest in Quality Fencing


Quality fencing can help to keep your pastures safe. By investing in quality fencing that is appropriate for your climate and setting, you can minimize the amount of repairs and maintenance that you need to perform each year. Fencing is an integral part of keeping your pasture safe, so make sure to choose your fencing carefully.

By maintaining your pasture, you can keep it in great shape year-round.

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