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6 Ways To Prevent Theft In Your Barn

by ihearthorses

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As horse owners, we keep a lot of valuable things in our barns. From our horses to our tack, there are thousands of dollars worth of items, making barns a target for thieves familiar with the value of these things. Here are six ways that you can prevent theft in your barn.

Install Floodlights

If your barn doesn’t already have floodlights, make sure to install some around all of the entrances. Floodlights expose anyone who is attempting to enter the barn at night and can make people change their mind if they’re trying to enter without anyone knowing.

Lock Things Up

Image Source: Bill Smith via Flickr

Image Source: Bill Smith via Flickr

Make sure that everything is securely locked before you leave the barn. This means locking up your tack room, putting locks on your tack trunks, and even locking up your trailer hitch. Locks will make it more difficult for anyone to take items, especially your expensive tack and horse trailer. If you keep medications in a medicine cabinet, try to find a cabinet which also locks, since horse medications may be a prime target.

Install Security Cameras

Want a little extra protection? Consider installing security cameras in and around your barn. Security cameras can deter thieves, but if something is stolen, you’ll also have the footage and hopefully a shot of the thief. As an added bonus, your insurance company may give you a discount for having these cameras in your barn.

Do a Night Check

Check on your horses each night, but vary the time of your night check. It’s a good idea to bring a flashlight and a dog, if you have one, with you on night check. Having an active but varied presence in the barn makes it difficult for someone to figure out your schedule, meaning that it will be riskier for them to trespass onto your property.

Hire a Trusted Barn Sitter

Image Source: tico_24 via Flickr

Image Source: tico_24 via Flickr

If you have to go away, hire a barn sitter to come and stay in your home while taking care of the horses. Knowing that someone is present on the property can discourage potential thieves due to the increased risk of being caught.

Keep Gates Locked

Be sure that you put chains and locks on any paddock gates that are near access roads or the main road. This simple step will make it more difficult for anyone who wishes to take a horse from the property, and is often enough to deter thieves. If you do leave horses turned out at night, be sure that you remove their halters, which can make it more difficult for a strange person to try to catch your horse.

With a little precaution, you can make your barn unappealing to potential thieves, keeping your horses and supplies safe at the same time.

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