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6 Ways To Save Money On Your Feed Bill

by ihearthorses

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When you own a horse, your feed bill can be one of the most expensive bills that you have. While it’s important to give your horse quality feed, you’ll also need to keep your feed bill under control. These six tips can help you to save money on your feed bill.

Buy Quality Feed

While it might seem counterintuitive, buying quality feed can actually help to save you money on your feed bills. While quality feed is more expensive than a lesser-quality alternative, you generally need to feed less of it. Additionally, by feeding a quality feed you can cut down on or eliminate supplements entirely.

Make Sure Your Horse is Dewormed

Be sure to keep up with deworming your horse. If your horse has intestinal parasites, he may lose weight, requiring that you feed him even more. Talk with your vet about an appropriate deworming protocol for your horse.

Turn Your Horse Out on Pasture

If you’ve lucky enough to have good pasture available to you, then turn your horse out on pasture for as much time as possible. Be sure to make a gradual introduction to the pasture in the springtime to avoid issues like founder. Taking advantage of naturally available pasture can reduce the amount of hay that you have to feed your horse.

Feed Hay in Hay Nets

When you do feed hay, try to hang it in a hay net. Hanging hay in a hay net reduces waste, meaning that your horse gets more of the hay that you have paid for. If a hay net isn’t possible out in the pasture, then try placing the hay on a rubber stall mat outside to keep it from being ground down into the dirt.

Store Feed Properly

When you buy horse feed, take the time to store it properly. Your feed should be stored in tightly closing containers which can keep rodents and other animals out. Always use up the oldest feed first to avoid feed going bad. Store your feed in a secure room free of moisture and excessive heat.

Inspect Hay Deliveries Before Unloading

When it’s time to unload a hay delivery, take some time to inspect at least a few of the bales before accepting the delivery. If the bales are not of a suitable quality, or if you find mold present, then send the bales back right away and request a delivery of quality hay.

What ways have you found to reduce your feed bill?

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