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7 Tips For Buying A Horse For The First Time

by ihearthorses

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Are you ready to buy a first horse for the first time? Buying a horse is incredibly exciting, but it can sometimes be a long and frustrating process, too. We have seven tips to help you out when you buy your first horse.

1. Understand What Owning a Horse Really Costs

Before you set your heart on having a horse of your very own, make sure that you understand what owning a horse really costs. There are many costs to owning a horse that aren’t readily apparent, such as the expense of emergency vet bills, the cost of farrier visits, and how much the cost of riding lessons can add up over the years.

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2. Spend Time Caring for a Horse

In addition to being prepared for the financial side of owning a horse, you should also be prepared for all of the work that is involved when you own a horse. Even if you plan on boarding your horse in a full-care situation, you will still need to be able to groom, tack, and do some first-aid. It’s best to spend some time leasing and caring for a horse so that you can truly get a sense of what’s involved in horse ownership.

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3. Be Realistic About What You Need

Before you start looking for your new horse, have a discussion with your trainer about the type of horse that you should be looking for. Your trainer can advise you on what breed, size, age, and temperament will be suitable in a horse for you. Be honest about your riding abilities and comfort level in order to find an appropriate fit during your first time buying a horse. 

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4. Always Bring Your Trainer

When it comes time to go visit horses in person, make sure that you always bring your trainer along. Your trainer can help to spot potential issues that you may overlook, and your trainer can also ride the horse themselves before having you get on for a safer experience.

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5. Get a Pre-Purchase Exam

While you never have to get a pre-purchase exam done on a horse, it’s never a bad idea to do it during your first time buying a horse. A pre-purchase exam can identify physical issues that may prove troublesome in the future, limiting the horse’s physical capabilities. If you have the funds available, you should give serious consideration to having a pre-purchase exam done on a horse that you’re planning to buy.

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6. Be Ready to Walk Away

Try not to get your heart set on a particular horse. There are many unexpected details when buying a horse, and sometimes a sale just doesn’t work out. Be prepared to walk away from a sale, and remember that there are plenty of horses for sale out there.

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7. Be Patient

Most important of all, be patient with your search for your first horse. Don’t let yourself rush into buying a horse that’s less than perfect for you. Instead, take your time and remember that the perfect horse will come along. You’ll be glad that you waited for him.

Do you have any other tips for people who are buying a horse for the first time? Let us know in the comments below! 

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