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7 Ways To Instantly Make Your Barn Look Cleaner

by ihearthorses

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There’s nothing better than a clean, well-kept and organized barn. If your own horse barn has been looking a little messy lately, then put these 7 ways to instantly make your barn look cleaner to work.

1. Remove Cobwebs

While you might not be aware of them, cobwebs can make your barn look old and dirty. While your horses are turned out, use a broom or long-handled duster to remove the cobwebs from the barn’s stalls, tack room, and feed room.


2. Clear Your Barn Aisle

A barn aisle which contains items like tack boxes, wheelbarrows, or other equipment looks cluttered and can also be unsafe. Take some time to clear your barn aisle of unnecessary clutter. Removing large items like tack boxes will leave your barn aisle looking wider and cleaner.

Image source: Carine06 via Flickr

Image source: Carine06 via Flickr


3. Install Tack Hooks and Racks

It’s hard to keep your barn tidy when you don’t have enough places to put things. Install tack hooks and racks so that you can hang up and store as much equipment as possible.


4. Clean Your Barn Windows

Cleaning your barn’s windows takes just a few minutes, but can make a huge difference in your barn’s overall appearance. Grab a bottle of glass cleaner and some spray, and clean your windows from both the inside and out. Clean windows let more light in and create a neater appearance.


5. Create Storage Areas

To help better organize your barn, create specific storage areas. Designate an area for storing tools like pitchforks and wheelbarrows, and choose another area where you will store items like toolboxes and fencing items. Designate a special area for horse first-aid supplies, and create another area for storing general grooming tools and other items that you use on a daily basis.


6. Store Blankets Away

Blankets are big and bulky, and they look messy when piled on top of tack boxes. When you don’t need to have your blankets out and ready for use, then store them away. Storing blankets in large rubber totes is one method to keep them out of the way. You may also want to put clean blankets into vacuum packed bags to minimize the space that they take up in your barn.


7. Sweep or Rake

Finally, sweep or rake your barn aisle. This simple step will leave your barn looking clean and tidy. Make this a daily practice to have your barn looking clean every single day.

Image source: Don Gunn via Flickr

Image source: Don Gunn via Flickr

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