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7 Ways To Save Time On Your Barn Chores

by ihearthorses

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When you care for your own horse, you may find that barn chores take up a significant amount of your day. If you’d like to save some time on your barn chores, then check out the seven tips below.

Use a Run-In Stall

One of the best ways to cut down on stall cleaning time is to give your horse a run-in stall so that he can go outside when he wishes. When your horse has the option to spend time outside, he will leave less manure in his stall, cutting down on the time it takes to clean it each day.

Use Round Hay Bales in the Pasture

Image source: NCinDC via Flickr

Image source: NCinDC via Flickr

Toting hay out to the pasture every day can be time-consuming. Consider providing your horse with a round bale in the pasture, rather than carrying out hay from square bales each day. A round bale can last a single horse multiple weeks.

Scrub Water Buckets Every Day

While it might seem that scrubbing water buckets every day would add time to your chores, it’s easier to prevent algae from growing in the buckets than it is to take the time to remove a thick layer of algae.

Pre-Measure Supplements

If your horse receives multiple supplements, then consider pre-measuring supplements for the coming week. By putting a day’s worth of supplements into a plastic bag or container, you can cut down on the time that it takes you to measure out your horse’s feed each day.

Groom Regularly

It’s easier to groom your horse before a ride if you keep up with the grooming. Find a few minutes each day to remove burrs from your horse’s coat and knock off the excess mud. When it comes time to ride, your horse will require a less intensive grooming, saving you time.

Don’t Use Blankets

Horse blankets can be great for adding extra protection to horses that need it in the winter, but not all horses need blankets to be comfortable. When you blanket a horse, you need to spend time changing blankets. If your horse can stay comfortable without the use of blankets, then consider foregoing them for the winter.

Let Your Horse Live Outside

If you really want to save time on barn chores, then consider letting your horse live outside altogether. Many horses do just fine living outside, as long as they are provided with plenty of food, water, and shelter.

There are many ways to save time on your barn chores – what are some of the methods that you’ve used?

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