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8 Things You May Not Have Known About Arabian Horses

by ihearthorses

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The Arabian horse is a sight to behold and one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds of all. Their dished faces, high tail set, and graceful carriage is something that horse lovers everywhere have come to admire. 

These stunning horses are often a favorite subject for photography, painting, books, and movies. If you’re a lover of these unique horses, then you’ll be sure to enjoy this collection of fun and interesting facts about the Arabian horse breed.

A relaxed Arabian horse enjoying a refreshing shower on a sunny day. Dubai, UAE.

#1 – Oldest Purebred Horses in the World

In case you didn’t know, the Arabian horse is the oldest of all the horse breeds. They’re thought to be at least 3,000 years old, with some sources dating back 5,000 years. And what’s even more amazing is how this breed’s look has been preserved over time. Because of careful breeding, the look of the Arabian has remained essentially unchanged throughout the centuries.

Arabian horse

#2 – Unknown Origin

While we all know this is an ancient breed of horse, their exact origin is somewhat mysterious. But what we do know is that the Bedouin tribes of Arabia took the horses and carefully guarded their bloodlines. The Bedoiun tribes cherished these horses, and felt that they were a gift from God which would give them the ability to “fly without wings” across the deserts of the Middle East. Because of their close connection with this breed of horse, this is why they are called Arabians. In Arabic, the breed is referred to as “Al Khamsa”. Still today, Arabian horses continue to be valued for their beauty, intelligence, and stamina.

#3 – The Foundation for Many Breeds

The Arabian breed has been used to develop several popular breeds. Some of these breeds include the Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, and the Morgan. In old times, these horses were praised for being fast, requiring less feed, living longer, and having much more stamina than other horse breeds. When the Europeans were introduced to these horses centuries ago, they quickly thought to crossbreed their horses with the Arabian to improve the quality of their horses.

#4 – Missing Bones

Many Arabians have one less vertebrae in their backs, which accounts for their shorter length. Additionally, they also have one less in their tail, which is what gives them their famous high tail set. And for their ribs, they have 17 instead of 18 like other breeds of horses do. And this unique rib cage improves their stamina when running long distances.

arabian horses

#5 – A House Horse

Arabians are known for being people-oriented and it is believed this temperament was fostered in them by the way they were treated by the Arabs. It is believed that they raised the foals alongside their children and even brought the mares to live in their tents with them. 

Arabian foal running in red poppy field

#6 – Always Black Skinned

Another unique trait of the purebred Arabian is their skin tone. Unless they are solid white, all Arabian horses have black skin. The most common coat color for Arabians is bay, but they can also have a coat which is white, grey, black, roan, or even chestnut.

#7 – Made for Endurance

It’s common knowledge that Arabians are amazing endurance horses. This is in part due to where they come from – the desert sands of Arabia – and in part due to their structure. These horses are fine to medium boned, and they weigh anywhere from 800 to 1,000 pounds. A unique quality of the Arabian horse is their large percentage of fast-twitch fibers. These horses are genetically designed to be fast and, and their large and flexible nostrils allow them to breathe better while running, too.

#8 – Famous Mounts

Many of the world’s most famous men in history chose Arabians as their mount. George Washington brought the first Arabian horse to U.S. soil and bred them with other horses to create a stronger Calvary mount. Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and Alexander The Great all rode Arabians, too. This is a breed of horse that is highly intelligent but also possesses a desire to please. And because of their loyal and gentle disposition, they’ve been a favorite horse of many for centuries.

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