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9 Great Items To Have On Hand For An Equine Emergency

by ihearthorses

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If you spend enough time around horses, chances are at some point you will be caught in the midst of an equine emergency. While emergencies can be frightening, having the right tools on hand can increase the likelihood of a positive outcome. Here are 9 great items to have on hand for an equine emergency.

Wire Cutters

Be sure that you have a pair of wire cutters on hand for emergencies. If you have any sort of wire fencing on your farm, having wire cutters on hand may mean that you’re able to free a horse that has gotten caught in the fencing.

Tourniquet Materials

Image source: Daniel Oines via Flickr

Image source: Daniel Oines via Flickr

Being able to apply a tourniquet to your horse’s leg can prevent excessive blood loss if he ever seriously wounds his lower leg. A bicycle inner tube or other stretchy material can make a great tourniquet.


Sometimes your horse may panic in an emergency situation. Having a sedative on hand can make it safer for you to work around him when he is panicked. Talk with your vet about keeping a sedative on hand for such situations.

Extra Rope

Extra rope can often come in handy during an emergency situation. Whether helping a cast horse or supporting an unsteady horse, having a long length of extra rope available can serve any number of purposes around the barn.

Bandaging Materials

You’ll also want to keep yourself well-stocked in various bandaging materials. Keep materials like gauze, non-stick gauze pads, sheet cotton, and Vetrap on hand so that you have the supplies available to treat wounds of varying sizes.


Saline is another great item for equine emergencies. Saline can be used to flush out irritated eyes and can also be used to clean out wounds. Best of all, it’s relatively cheap and you can store it for many years.


Image source: redjar via Flickr

Image source: redjar via Flickr

Don’t forget to keep a few flashlights around your barn. You never know when your horse will have an emergency during the night, or when you need extra light to better see a wound. Be sure to also keep spare batteries on hand.

Leg Wraps

Having leg wraps of varying lengths and sizes in your barn can be important in treating wounds or supporting injured legs.

Duct Tape

We all know that duct tape serves countless purposes around the barn. Duct tape is also an important item to have in your first aid kit – you’re sure to find many uses for it during an emergency.

What supplies are your must-have items for equine emergencies?

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