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9 Ways To Incorporate Horses Into Your Wedding

by Dani Buckley

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We all love our horses so much that we want them to be a part of the biggest moments of our lives, including our weddings. Here are some ways that you can include your horse in one of the happiest times of your life (besides the day you bought your horse that is.)

Beautiful wedding couple posing on field with horse

Include the horse when you pop the question

We all know how it goes before a proposal. First, you must get the parent’s approval, but it might be a good idea for you to not forget the lady’s horse as well. After getting approval from the bride-to-be’s equine friend, you’ll really get an eccentric “YES,” along with some happy tears.

Beautiful newlyweds with two horses in the park on the background of a summer nature

Engagement photos

Use your horses in your engagement photos to announce to all your loved ones that you’re getting married! You can even write on your horse (with non-harmful materials) the “save the date.”

Beach wedding: bride and groom on a horses by the sea

Have the wedding at a barn

Barn weddings are becoming more and more popular, and there’s an obvious reason why – they are stunning and you can fill all the stalls with your horses, so they can have a view of the big day too.

Happy wedding couple standing with horses on a field of lupine

Equine grand entry

Turn heads as you make your grand entrance even more stunning atop your gorgeous horse. You can even deck out your equine friend in flowers and a new bridle. It will be a sight the groom definitely won’t forget.

Wedding concept, bride on horse

Horsey ring bearer

Looking for a way to include a mini-horse in your wedding? Use them as the ring bearer and have your flower girl lead them down the aisle. People will talk about it for days – the cutest little ring bearer and the flower-girl will go down as the most adorable team of all time!

The groom, holding a wedding bouquet in hand, and a horse, who reached out to the bouquets to smell and eat.Funny wedding moment.


Wedding photoshoot

After the “I do’s” are spoken, it’s time for pictures. Having your horse in the photos is a must for all equestrians. Whether it’s just you, your new husband and your horse, or the whole bridal party and their horses, equines always enhance a wedding photoshoot. 

Beautiful newlyweds with two horses in the park on the background of a summer nature

Pony rides at the reception

A great way to incorporate your horses or ponies into the reception is to let them give rides to the kids. Not only will this keep the kids happy and busy, but your horse will also get tons of treats.


Exit princess style

Leave your wedding or arrive at the reception in a beautiful horse-drawn carriage. It’s so fairy tale like that you’ll feel like a Disney Princess.

Beautiful bride with black horse wedding

Trash the dress

Trash the dress is a new tradition, and what better way to get a little dirt on the white gown than to add a little equestrian style? Run barrels, jump a course, or take your horse swimming to trash that white dress. If you don’t want to trash the original dress, buy a cheap one to have some fun in.

Bride in Wedding Dress with horse at a farm

There are plenty of creative ways to include your horses or ponies in your wedding. If you’re talking with your significant other about the next step in your lives, be sure to pass this along for some hints! (Guys – use the horse in EVERYTHING to ensure a long and happy marriage, as this is the way to our hearts.)




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