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A New ‘Black Beauty’ Is In The Works, And We Can’t Wait!

by Amber King

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The 1994 film adaption of the classic novel Black Beauty is a longstanding favorite in the hearts of horse owners and horse admirers. Originally published by Anna Sewell in 1877, the story is a captivating testament to the power of kindness and compassion. It sheds light on important topics like animal abuse, love, and loyalty. Black Beauty has survived the test of time, and the nostalgic story is about to make its 21st century debut.

A Modern Take on a Classic Tale

Mister Smith Entertainment has announced a new Black Beauty will hit the big screen in 2020. The new adaption is based on the original novel and subsequent film starring Sean Bean, but there will be a few minor changes. Director Ashley Davis has adjusted the story line to place the historic Black Beauty in today’s modern world. Instead of being a carriage horse, for example, the leading equine in the new Black Beauty will be a wild horse. 

In this new version, Beauty will be a spirited wild horse that helps a 17-year-old girl named Jo Green overcome trauma following the death of her parents. The pair bond over the shared experience of losing family. We can expect more than a few heartwarming scenes showing the connection between horse and human. The story will still be narrated from the horse’s point of view. It’s expected to touch on important themes such as loss and friendship.

While the equine actors will undoubtedly captivate our attention, the new Black Beauty will be joined on screen by a talented cast. Mackenzie Foy, known for her role in The Nutcracker and the Four Realms along with the last two Twilight movies, is cast as the teenage girl. Oscar-winner Kate Winslet will voice Black Beauty. Claire Forlani and Iaian Glen also have leading roles.

There’s no official release date yet for the new Black Beauty. But we can expect this inspiring horse movie to make its cinematic debut in 2020. 

Will you watch the new movie?

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