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All About The Zorse And Other Zebra Hybrids

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A Zorse is one of the many equine hybrids that are referred to as Zebroids. The term is used to describe an animal with Zebra heritage. A Zorse is a crossbreed between a Zebra stallion and a horse mare, producing an animal with a predominantly horse-like appearance with stripes. Continue reading to learn more about this fascinating hybrid. 

A Healthy And Hardy Animal

The Zorse is renowned to be a sturdy and hardy animal. They are resistant to many diseases that horses and donkeys are affected by.  hey can also vary quite dramatically in size and color. Zorses are generally health and have sometimes been known to live up to 30 years.

How Many Zorses Are There?

There are only estimated to be around 100 Zorses in the world. For years there was only one known Zorse in Europe, named Zulu. However, in 2019 it was said that there was a Zorse living in the Cotswolds in rural England.


Photo from Christine und David Schmitt via WikiMedia


Zorses typically inherit the color of the mare. The stripes are more predominant in colors such as bay or dun. The startling appearance of a Zorse often leads people to cry ‘photoshop!’ This is likely due to their unusual markings and fascinating amalgamation of both parents.

Many horse trainers have expressed that the Zebra personality dominates. This means that they can be spirited and difficult to train when using the usual horse training methods. Since both Zebras and Horses are herd animals that roam in numbers, Zorses are quite sociable. However, the Zorse often inherits the strong flight response and many of the temperament traits from the horse.

As with many other equine hybrids, a Zorse is born sterile and cannot reproduce. The only way to produce a Zorse is by breeding a Zebra with a horse. In Africa, Zorses are often bred as trekking animals to transport humans and goods. This is because they are known for their strong build. The Zorse was originally bred in Africa with the aim of producing a domestic animal, similar to a horse but resistant to diseases in horses that are spread by flies native to Africa, such as the Tse Tse fly. Today, Zorses are kept as pets, for riding and at various zoos and institutes for people to enjoy. 

Check out a Zorse in action in the video below from EquineRevelation


Crossbreeding became increasingly popular up until the 20th century. During this time, the invention of cars resulted in less people were using equines for transport. The notion of crossbreeding has fascinated many academics and biologists for years, especially during the Victorian times when crossbreeds were produced.

The breeding of a Zorse is somewhat tricky, as they would not breed naturally in the wild because of the significant size difference. Many people believe that the opportunities could be limitless as to what could be achieved by breeding the Zorse. Some hope that the combination of the trainability, size and athleticism of the horse and the strength and endurance of the zebra would be a successful combination for many equestrian sports. 

zorse eclyse

Photo by Fährtenleser via WikiMedia

A Controversial Crossbreed

Many people have expressed concerns that the varying temperaments of the two would not be complimentary. This is because the horse has been long established as a domesticated animal. The zebra, however, runs wild and will show aggression towards people. Horses are naturally inquisitive animals with a curious nature. On the other hand, a zebra rarely wants to be bothered. Additionally, unlike the flight nature of the horse, a zebra will be prepared to fight with a sense of self-preservation. Since zebras are still wild animals native to Africa, they also cannot really be fully domesticated and integrated into human life. This is because their behavior patterns are different. Many people who have worked with Zorses have found them incredibly difficult to train because of their instinctive behavior.

Some people are of the opinion that breeding Zorses for equestrian discipline would introduce genes that humans have been trying to breed out since the beginning of the domestication of the horse. Although many people are eager to find out how physically talented a Zorse may be at its peak, it’s certainly unlikely that you’ll see a Zorse crossing the finish line of the Grand National any time soon.

Zonies, Zetlands and Zonkeys

Similar to the Zorse, a Zony refers to the cross breeding between a Zebra stallion and a pony mare. Although ponies of a medium size are mainly used due to their capabilities for riding, a Shetland has been used to produce what is named a Zetland. Additionally, zebras are often bred with donkeys to produce a Zonkey. Zonkeys are sometimes found naturally when Zebras graze and roam in close proximity to donkeys in places such as in South Africa.


Zonkey, Half Zebra Half Donkey

Zonkey, Half Zebra Half Donkey

Zebroid a cross between a zebra and a donkey

A cross between a zebra and a donkey.

Zorses In Pop Culture

The Zorse has captured the hearts and minds of many people. This unique hybrid has also been the topic of many television shows, films and novels. The animal has been featured in a “Vava La Bam” episode, and a Zorse also appears in the films ‘I’m Reed Fish’ and the famous ‘Racing Stripes’ during the alternate ending. They have also been featured in many novels, including George R.R Martin’s ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and ‘Ligers, Tigons and Zorses, Oh My!’. Zorses continue to mesmerize people worldwide. 

What do you think of the Zorse? Have you ever seen one in person? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Anna Wilson

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Cover image is a slightly cropped and resized photo from Fährtenleser via WikiMedia.

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