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The 10 Most Common Horse Colors

by ihearthorses

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Horses are amazing creatures. They are majestic, heart-warming, and, just like shoes, horses come in many colors. Horse coat colors are dependent upon genetics, just as our hair and eye colors are. Red, bay and black are the three base colors that horse colors stem from, but what are the most common colors? Continue reading to find out.


bay horse coat color

Since bay is a base color, it is no doubt that it is one of the most common coat colors. Bay horses have black points, meaning their mane and tail is black, the rims around their ears are black, and their muzzle and legs are usually black.


A chestnut colored horse stands in a grassy field in north Idaho.

The chestnut color stems from the red base color. For a horse to be considered chestnut, the mane and tail must be the same color as the horse’s coat color. A chestnut horse has no black points but can be more of a darker red, or liver chestnut.


Young woman riding sorrel horse on green mountain meadow. Equestrian activity background

A sorrel horse should not be confused with a chestnut horse. Although similar, a sorrel horse is lighter than chestnut and the mane and tail of a sorrel horse is lighter than the horse’s coat color. It can even be flaxen or blonde.


black horse play on the meadow

Another base color but harder to classify, a true black horse has no red hues to the coat color. The mane and tail are black, and they have no white areas on the coat.


Palomino horse in the field grazing on freedomThe palomino horse color stands out in the crowd. The coat color is like a cream and the mane and tail are white. This color comes from the red base color, but the horse has an expressive cream dilution mutation in their genetics, resulting in a beautiful color.


Buckskin horse grazes on the chain on the lawn in the village

Buckskin is another flashy color with a golden coat and black points. This color is also produced in the same manner as a palomino except for the base color being bay instead of red.


wild dun horse walking on forest plain, the new forest national park, uk

Although not as common, the dun horse color is just as beautiful but unique. True dun-colored horses have a black dorsal stripe, and some have black zebra stripes down their legs. This genetic mutation can affect all base colors and the dun hue color is dependent upon the base color.


The white horse is standing in the sty indoors on white wall background.Gray horses are born another base color and lose their pigment over time. Eventually, they are a light gray or even white.


Roan horse at grazingRoan horses are unique as their coat is. They have a base color and white hairs scattered throughout the coat. Roan horses have their own colors coming from the three base colors; strawberry or red roan, bay roan, and blue roan – coming from the black base color.


Frontal lateral view of pinto American Saddle horsei in the field looking to the side, alert, ears pointed forward

A pinto coat color does not mean that a horse is a Paint. A Paint is a specific breed of horse, a pinto color can affect any breed. This color is basically a horse with a base color with white patches scattered throughout the coat.

All horse colors are beautiful, unique, and come in so many variations and patterns. If only we could have one of each! What’s your favorite coat color? Let us know in the comments below!

The 10 Most Common Horse Colors

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