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Army Veteran Suffering From PTSD Finds Comfort In Horses & Mules

by ihearthorses

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Ray Knell is an Army Veteran with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which unfortunately surfaced after he returned home from Afghanistan. It seemed as though he lost a lot of himself while out at war, including his purpose in life.

A friend of his had tragically committed suicide and with all of this weighing on him and controlling his mind constantly, he decided to go on a long horse riding trip for a program called Heroes and Horses in memory of his close friend.

Ray was quick to feel the affection and compassion he had lost come back to him, and he truly loves these giant animals with a passion. Being around the horses riding them through beautiful scenery of Yellowstone, stopping by pools of water to fish for trout, laying with the mules and drinking hot coffee out on the grassy pasture, it all was very positive and gave him a wonderful point of view on life.

Watch this inspiring video about his journey:

If you or anyone you know suffers from PTSD, I highly suggest you find a four legged friend to help you through this journey.

Go out on a long trip and enjoy the wilderness and breathtaking scenery around you, feel and see the beauty of life, and maybe it could help you take a step in the right direction like it did for Ray.

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