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Bet You’ve Never Seen A Horse Do THIS Before!

by ihearthorses

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Do you ever wish your horse could get himself ready without you? You could maybe sleep in, get that extra cup of coffee, and then go out to the barn where your horse was all ready and waiting for you to go on your morning ride.

If that sounds good to you, than you need this horse in your barn! He helps his mom get ready for the day!


And what a helpful guy he is – He’s got mad skills with a curry comb, just look at his form.


Now if you could just teach him to saddle and bridle her too, you could sleep in every day.


The best thing, he probably doesn’t expect anything in return since he clearly enjoys the work. Well, he probably wouldn’t turn down a handful of grain…

Watch the full video of the adorable baby grooming his mom.


We think this baby is just the cutest horse on Earth. Do you have a helpful horse in your barn? Tell us in the comments!

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