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Cat-Sized Mini Foal May Be The Smallest Horse In The World

by ihearthorses

Move over, Thumbelina! There’s a new tiny foal in town!

According to the NZ Herald, the itty-bitty baby, who was born in Russia, is about the size of an average house cat. He’s about 31 centimeters long… barely over a foot!

Image Source: Elena Chistyakova


The cutie is named Gulliver, a humorous nod to his size; Gulliver, the namesake character in Gulliver’s Travels, is described as being a giant among the people of a foreign land. But for this little horse, it’s quite the opposite!

Image Source: Elena Chistyakova


Elena Chistyakova, his owner, describes him as a “miracle” to the NZ Herald. Most horses born with dwarfism have some sort of malformation, but Gulliver is perfectly proportional. Chistyakova said in the story:

“When I was told we got such a tiny baby on our farm I did not believe it… And then I saw it, it was as big as a cat. I was so happy, it is a miracle, the most important thing is not that it is so small, but that it is well-built.”

Image Source: Elena Chistyakova


The ultra-mini foal is now a candidate to snag a Guinness World Record for his size. He’s not expected to get much bigger than 55 centimeters long, about half the size of a normal miniature horse.

Image Source: Elena Chistyakova


Luckily, this soon-to-be famous cutie already seems comfortable in the spotlight.

“He is very friendly, and he behaves like a star. Very at ease. He is one unique fella,” Chistyakova said in the story.

Good luck to adorable little Gulliver!

Image Source: Elena Chistyakova


(h/t: NZ Herald)


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