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Deputies Rescue 10 Horses & A Dog From Flooded Florida Barn


Deputies from Florida’s Highlands County Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control Department worked together to rescue 10 horses and a dog trapped in a barn by floodwaters this week. Although Florida is no longer in the terrifying grip of Hurricane Irma, residents and their pets are still feeling her effects. Water levels have risen throughout the state causing catastrophic flooding and continued peril for humans and animals alike.

The horses and dog became stranded in a barn on a small hill at Lakeside Stables in Sebring due to historically high water levels of the nearby Arbuckle Creek.

Rescuers guided the horses by hand through the chest-deep water and loaded them into a trailer. The dog – a senior Lab Mix – was able to paddle his way to a waiting boat where he was pulled to safety.

All of the animals are safe and the horses have been moved to a temporary stable until the flooding recedes.


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Featured Image via Facebook/Highland County Sheriff’s Office

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