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Even A Global Pandemic Can’t Stop This Horse Rescue From Saving Lives

by Amber King

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After months of a global pandemic, businesses, organizations, and individuals are still feeling the strain. Personal finances have been hit hard, and the mental toll of living in such uncertain times cannot be underestimated. But through it all, there are certain causes that can’t afford to take a step back. There can be no such thing as a day off, and extreme budget cuts can do more than put someone out of business. At Spring Creek Horse Rescue in Durango, CO, months of quarantine have put their 44-year mission at risk. Diane McCracken, however, refused to let that happen.

Posted by Spring Creek HorseRescue on Monday, March 28, 2016

In an article in The Durango Herald, McCracken explained how the pandemic has changed how she cares for 27 rescued equines. While she used to have a team of experienced volunteers, the unprecedented circumstances have left her on her own. Volunteers understandably retreated to their home states to care for themselves and relatives. But despite everything going on, one thing didn’t change: the rescued horses still needed help.

Determined to never give up on the animals, McCracken has spent months managing the horse rescue facility all on her own. With 27 horses and miniature donkeys, it was no easy feat. 

The daily horse care along with general ranch maintenance fell on the shoulders of this dedicated woman. Clearing trees, maintaining fences, and caring for horses is more than a full-time job—it’s a way of life. And if you ask McCracken, she’ll likely say the sweat and sore muscles are completely worth it. 

Posted by Spring Creek HorseRescue on Monday, March 28, 2016

On their website, Spring Creek Horse Rescue features several of their equine residents. Many of them come from difficult pasts, and the rescue was their only chance at survival.

One of those horses is Bug. She came to the rescue from the humane society when she was extremely thin and malnourished. Her previous owners neglected her care, and she was in rough shape. With specialized care from McCracken and her volunteers, however, Bug developed into a beautiful and affectionate horse.

Another long-term resident is Samuel. Now an incredible 44 years old, Samuel came to Spring Creek as an ex-roper with severe knee problems. No one expected him to make it through his first winter at the rescue, but the handsome gray horse had other plans. He not only survived, he became one of the favorites in the rescue’s kid program. His knees and hips limit his movement, and at such an advanced age, many would say he wasn’t worth the money, time, or effort that goes into his care. But that’s what makes McCracken and everyone else at the rescue stand out. To them, every horse deserves the chance at a good life.

Posted by Spring Creek HorseRescue on Monday, March 28, 2016

Dozens of horses have found second, third, and even fourth chances at Spring Creek Horse Rescue throughout the past 44 years. Many have been adopted out to new families, and others have permanent homes at the ranch.

The pandemic has put their well-being at risk, but McCracken is still moving forward. She’s looking forward to a time when it’s safe for her volunteers to return. And in the meantime, any type of donation has potential to save a life. Click here to help get them through this tough time.

Featured image via Spring Creek Horse Rescue Facebook page

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