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Family Of Murdered Pony Adopts His “Sister”

by ihearthorses

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5-year-old Rylee Brett was inseparable with her family’s 25-inch-tall, 80-pound pony, Chicken Nugget. That is, until the early morning hours of November 8, when an unknown person entered the Bretts’ Texas ranch and shot Chicken Nugget in the head at close range. Though still in mourning, Rylee and her family have decided to open their hearts to a new equine – a pony they will rename Chicken Wing in honor of the slain Chicken Nugget.

Since the horrific discovery last week, the community has rallied around the Brett family, pledging their assistance in locating Chicken Nugget’s killer and even offering replacement ponies for Rylee.

The family had decided to take their time before rushing into adopting a new horse, but when the call came in about Allie – soon to become Chicken Wing – they knew it was a sign. The 3-year-old pony is from the same bloodline as Chicken Nugget.

“According to Rylee, Chicken Nugget made a phone call from heaven and was able to contact her,” Rylee’s mother, Kylee Brett said. “Pretty much the one phone call system up there, I guess, and he was able to direct her in our path.”

Chicken Wing can never replace the beloved pony who was Rylee’s constant companion, but Kylee Brett hopes it will help heal their hearts.

“As bad as this is, the people have been able to dry our tears just a little bit, knowing so many people care about us,” Brett said.

Authorities are searching for the person who killed Chicken Nugget. Anyone with information about the case should contact the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 936-336-4500.


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