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Florida Police Horse Learns How To Paint

by ihearthorses

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Jacob, a 12-year-old police horse, has been protecting the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida with his partner Officer Jason Hughes since 2009.

The handsome stallion has become quite the celebrity in his community, but it isn’t just his police work the citizens admire. Jacob is also a talented painter in his spare time!

Screenshot via Fox 13


The first time he was handed a brush, Jacob took right to painting. He holds the brush in his teeth and joyously waves his head back and forth to create his masterpieces.

“It’s not going to win any art contests, but it’s pretty cool. Very abstract,” Officer Hughes told Fox 13.

Jacob often donates his work to local charities to be auctioned off. His art has gone to Pet Pal Animal Shelter and most recently, Creative Clay Cultural Arts Center, an organization devoted to making the arts available to those with limited access.

Hughes told Fox 13 that the same week they attended the charity art event, they “chased down a guy who did a stabbing right around the corner from here.”

Jacob certainly is a horse of many talents!


H/T to Fox 13

Featured Image via Facebook/Pet Pal Animal Shelter

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