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Gentle Clydesdale Strolls Nursing Home Halls, Bringing Joy To Seniors

by ihearthorses

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Therapy pets provide a wonderful service to hospital patients and senior living residents by raising their spirits and lowering their blood pressure. There are countless therapy dogs and cats, even a few pigs, but have you ever heard of a therapy Clydesdale?

Meet Renee – known as Neigh-Neigh to her friends – from Chamberlin Pony Rides & Mobile Petting Zoo.

9-year-old Neigh-Neigh belongs to Chamberlin event manager, Margie Provenzano, who happily escorted the gentle giant to the Village of East Harbor Senior Living Community for a visit on March 14.

Many of the facility’s staff members were skeptical about bringing a full-sized horse into a nursing home, and Provenzano had never brought Neigh-Neigh indoors before. But administrator, Carolyn Martin, was determined to make the event happen.

Martin told TODAY.com that the spectacle brought every single resident out of their rooms, even those who rarely socialize or participate in events. What was supposed to be a one hour visit stretched to two and a half hours as Neigh-Neigh and Provenzano made sure to visit with everyone personally.

One of the most moving moments of the day was when a patient from the memory care section of the facility became visibly excited at Neigh-Neigh’s approach. The horse gently bent to the woman’s level, and they shared a tender moment with their heads pressed together.

There were few dry eyes among family, friends, and staff by the end of Neigh-Neigh and Provenzano’s visit.

According to the Chamberlin Pony Rides Facebook page, Neigh-Neigh enjoyed the day just as much as the seniors! She is available to visit nursing homes in Southeast Michigan, Toledo, Ohio, and the surrounding areas. Check out the Chamberlin website for more information!

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Featured Image via Facebook/Chamberlin Pony Rides

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