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How To Wrap A Horse For Christmas

by ihearthorses

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So you decided to surprise a very lucky person in your life with a horse for Christmas. But how to wrap it? After all, they are quite large. Lucky for you WayOutWest, a blog about life on a small farm in the West of Ireland, has you covered – or rather, your horse.


They admit they were surprised that so little is written on what they call “the traditional skill of horse-wrapping,” because “you just never know when it could come in handy.”

Like when a horse is a gift. Tim and Sandra, the purveyors of the blog, cheekily explain that you will need the following in order to wrap your horse:

  • Nearly 3 acres of wrapping paper
  • Half a mile of sellotape
  • Holly and ivy really only added nutritionally to the project, so perhaps it’s best to stick with bells and bows for the decorations.


  • And if you are shipping your horse? Postage/shipping costs will vary depending on the country you’re in, and the mood of your postman.


In all seriousness, the horses in this video works with small children, and so needs to be practically bombproof. The owners explain, “Their training includes being draped with crinkly paper and plastic sheets occasionally, so this is just a silly extension of this.”

Watch this patient horse be wrapped below:

This is one well-behaved horse – clearly relaxed about the whole thing. We think something similar would be cute for a costume at a 4-H holiday party. Have you ever wrapped your horse? Share a pic in the comments!

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