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Have You Ever Wondered How They Do Horse Stunts In Movies? Then Check THIS Out!

by ihearthorses

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There are some pretty incredible scenes in movies involving horses. From Jim Craig flying down the incline on his trusty steed in Return To Snowy River (1988) to Tommy and Avram jumping off a cliff into the rushing river astride horses in The Frisco Kid (1979). Often, it may leave you wondering how they did it without harming a horse.

Return to Snowy River (1988)

Return to Snowy River (1988)

And then there is War Horse (2011). Joey gets pretty badly beat up in the film, and for horse lovers it’s definitely not easy to watch. We all know that Hollywood is not allowed to harm animals while making films, but it’s hard to watch scenes like this and not think, how did they possibly do that?

Well, in the case of War Horse, it was done with a feat of amazing high-tech and artistic proportions.

Meet Joey’s stunt double:


Looks real right? He’s not. He is an animatronic horse they used in the film. He was the brainchild of Neil Corbould, special effects supervisor and animatronic design and puppeteering by Chris Clarke.

Watch him in action test below:

You won’t believe that this is a puppet!Animatronic horse test for Steven Spielberg’s War Horse Movie (2011).Neil Corbould (Willow, Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator), special effects supervisor, animatronic design and puppeteering by Chris Clarke.

Posted by Stan Winston School of Character Arts on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Were you fooled? If you watched the movie and believed what you saw then you probably were! It’s amazing what they can do with technology today. Back when they made The Frisco Kid? Well, let’s just hope that was a trick of the cameraman.

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