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Horse Is Rescued After Falling Down 100ft Embankment

by ihearthorses

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When a horse named Denver and his owner went riding on a popular horse trail in Lake Oswego, Oregon, a 100-foot fall could’ve ended in tragedy. But luckily, everyone was able to walk — or trot! — away.

Five-year-old Denver was walking along when something spooked him and he slipped, falling down a steep hill. His rider, Dixie, was able to jump off before getting crushed by the horse, but had to watch helplessly as he continued to slide downward.

But Dixie followed right after him so he wouldn’t be alone. She stayed by his side as she shouted for two hours, hoping that a fellow rider would hear her calls – until someone finally did!

The Lake Oswego Fire Department arrived at the wooded location. According to Oregon Live, by then, “Hunt Club members and other horse owners had already cleared a safe path for Denver to walk back up to the trail.” (The Lake Oswego Hunt is an equestrian organization that provides programs to the public.)

Watch some footage of the rescue below:

“The hard part was to make sure it was clear of tripping hazards,” David Morris, Lake Oswego Fire Assistant Chief, said in the story. “The Hunt Club staff got right in and knew what to do.”

Together, they were able to pull Denver to safety, and even though he was “a little shaken,” he was unharmed. Thanks to everyone’s teamwork, there was a happy ending for Dixie and Denver.

(h/t: Oregon Live)

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