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by ihearthorses

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We LOVE when people send in pictures of their horses. On this page, we will feature one horse every day from the many amazing submissions we receive! Check back regularly for your daily dose of horse pics! If you would like your horse to be considered for Horse Of The Day and have your horse featured on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, post your picture in our Facebook group or e-mail it to us here!

July 5, 2020


My boy Winston❤️”

Submitted by Tammy Robertson

July 3, 2020


“My sundance. 11 yo quarter horse”

Submitted by Sherry Plunk

July 1, 2020

ginger and snickers

“Mother and daughter pair ginger and snickers”

Submitted by Mackenzie Lynn Hofmann


June 30, 2020

Deede Milligan

Submitted by Deede Milligan

June 29, 2020

Lusitano Cortesao

My beautiful APSL Lusitano Cortesao”

Submitted by Jan Jo Cole

June 28, 2020

Louise Davey

Submitted by Louise Davey

June 26, 2020




My Appendix Darby. She turn 24 yesterday.”

Submitted by Amanda Depetro

June 24, 2020


“Beautiful Jackson — our first horse — 16 year old QH. Horsey love of my life!

Submitted by DeAnna Kempf Wermert

June 23, 2020

Jane and Seren

Jane and Seren  with a combined age of 49!! Bless them❤”

Submitted by Cady Sharpe

June 21, 2020



Submitted by Carolyn McPherson

June 19, 2020

Two near 30year olds Rimu and Kitkat

Two near 30year olds Rimu and Kitkat”

Submitted by Tania Southee

June 18, 2020

Pamela Dawley Kelly

Submitted by Pamela Dawley Kelly

June 17, 2020


“This is Baby”

Submitted by Sherry Fraticelli Reed

June 16, 2020

Kelly Akard

My rescue horse.”

Submittted by Kelly Akard

June 15, 2020



Submitted by Jasmine L Stark

June 12, 2020

Melissa Dillman

Submitted by Melissa Dillman

June 11, 2020


Here is my girl Beauty teaching her to drive.”

Submitted by Kristin Blade Trungale

June 10, 2020

Marilyn Ulicny

Submitted by Marilyn Ulicny

June 9, 2020


“My majestic unicorn Ellie🥰”

Submitted by Emma McClung

June 8, 2020

blue lyn burning

Blue Lyn Burning/aka Gypsy.. blessed to be with her since 7 now 24..& this is recent…she gets taken care of before me lol”

Submitted by Diane Flohre

June 5, 2020



Submitted by Debra Strickland

June 4, 2020

purebred Arab

My new beautiful boy ❤️🐎 purebred Arab 😍🥰”

Submitted by Rachel Symons

June 3, 2020

shay shay

Shay, Shay looking at the angels!” 

Submitted by Cyndi Michaelis

June 2, 2020


This is yondu my 15 yo paint gelding”

Submitted by Sherry Plunk

June 1, 2020


“This is my Dutch Harness Horse, Zullen We Dansen or “Zulu””

Submitted by Kellie Kaspriske

May 29, 2020



Submitted by Lisa Capozzi

May 28, 2020

Gypsy 24 Dbl., Reg.,qtr paint..

“Gypsy 24 Dbl., Reg.,qtr paint..”

Submitted by Diane Flohre

May 27, 2020


My little girl Lucy”

Submitted by Dicey Wilkinson

May 26, 2020

jasmine horse


Submitted by Natasha Johnstone

May 21, 2020

lady horse of the day


Submitted by Tabitha Scott

May 20, 2020

willie the quarter horse

My Quarter horse Willie!”

Submitted by Cindy Cleavenger Franks

May 19, 2020


“(Jokers win it all) aka cinnamon. Nqha.  6 year old mare.” 

Benjamin Parton

May 18, 2020


Submitted by Jenene Schmidt

May 15, 2020

big john

“This is Big John! He’s a Belgian Draft Paint with an big heart! ❤”

Submitted by Olivia Beane

May 14, 2020


Shah just because he’s. 😍😍”

Submitted by Joanne Buckley

May 13, 2020

“My lad Golly. He is currently recovering from a very severe fall and neck trauma. Thanks in advance”

Submitted by Chris

May 12, 2020

deborah kay ashe

Submitted by Deborah Kay Ashe

May 11, 2020



Submitted by Lisa Ross

May 10, 2020


Sisco 🥰”

Submitted by Trish Barnett

May 9, 2020


This is Barney our Percheron cross.”

Submitted by Patty Grasso

May 8, 2020



Submitted by Jenneil Murphy

May 7, 2020

mister blue

“Mister Blue”

Submitted by Cathy Kindsfather

May 6, 2020

Louise Davey horse of the day

Submitted by Louise Davey

May 5, 2020

horse of the day melody watson

Submitted by Melody Watson

May 4, 2020

horse of the day sunny and dahlia

“It was their first time meeting. Sunny an Dahlia”

Submitted by Amber Almario-Green

May 1, 2020

horse of the day king sam jb

This is my cob King, he’s almost 5.

Submitted by Sam JB

April 30, 2020

horse of the day mae spartan

Submitted by Mae Spartan

April 29, 2020

horse of the day nicole klym

Submitted by Nicole Klym

April 28, 2020

horse of the day princess piper

“Princess Piper ” 

Submitted by Laura

April 27, 2020

horse of the day jake peggi critchfield

“Jake is my mustang…  He is currently 32 years old and is spoiled beyond rotten… ❤🐎❤…. ”

Submitted by Peggi Critchfield

April 24, 2020

horse of the day olaf 1 horse of the day olaf 2

“Olaf is a 4 year old Morgan perchrion cross. He was rescued by Happened by Chance Horses as a infant. He was left at a auction with his mom who was killed. I volunteer at the rescue and would feed him everyday.  My husband saw how much my eyes lit up seeing him everyday and adopted him from the rescue as my christmas gift 3 years ago.  Olaf has a loving sweet personality and wants to always been right there in the middle of things. He is currently in training now.”

Submitted by Patti 

April 23, 2020

horse of the day Valerie Meyer

Submitted by Valerie Meyer

April 20, 2020


Submitted by Martina Plažanin

April 20, 2020

horse of the day ozzie

“This is Ozzie. He is the boss of our 7 horse herd even though he is the smallest! He is a veteran at our Premier PATH Certified Riding Center and does both Therapeutic services and hippotherapy as well as working with Seniors with Dementia and Veteran’s with PTSD.”

Submitted by Wanda Sayuk

April 17, 2020

horse of the day cochise


Submitted by Laiarnie Hipwell

April 16, 2020

horse of the day boon

“Our horse, Boon, is such a character. We love him so. He’s a 16 year old quarter horse.”

Submitted by Samantha Carter Goyen and Mary-Clair Goyen


April 15, 2020

horse of the day mr tiggs

“Mr. Tiggs💙”

Submitted by Amari Kaissa

April 9, 2020

horse of the day michael

My 26 year old Thoroughbred ex racehorse Michael waiting impatiently for his next fast ride!”

Submitted by Mark Tobeck

April 8, 2020

horse of the day laddie

My Laddie, retired racehorse (Ascot winner) aged 25 who I have had since he was 11. Gentle and sweet (except under a saddle!)”

Submitted by Moya Harris

April 7, 2020

horse of the day poppy

My first horse – a coming 4 year old TB mare named Poppy. She’s sweet as can be and loves treats. #foreverhorse”

Submitted by Michaela Skye Ward Bertrandt

April 6, 2020

horse of the day makani

Makani, a 14 year old AQHA

Submitted by Shannon Dailey

April 3, 2020

horse of the day Hayley Schatkowski

Submitted by Hayley Schatkowski

March 31, 2020

horse of the day tony hartman

Submitted by Tony Hartman

March 30, 2020

horse of the day vincent

My handsome shire foal Vincent! He’s such a gorgeous little boy! He loves a cuddle and is very goofy at times too! 😊❤️🐴”

Submitted by Antonia Scott

March 26, 2020

horse of the day Hayleigh Corbett

Submitted by Hayleigh Corbett

March 25, 2020

horse of the day jodi

My gorgeous 19 year old quarter horse mare “Jodi”. She is my heart horse 🐎 ❤️”

Submitted by Stacy N Karin Scheideman

March 24, 2020

horse of the day Crystal Bozeman

Submitted by Crystal Bozeman

March 23, 2020

horse of the day Chickataw

“My American quarterhorse paint girl Chickataw”

Submitted by Samantha Patton

March 18, 2020

horse of the day Jeanette Vlooi Botha

Submitted by Jeanette Vlooi Botha

March 17, 2020

horse of the day randall king

Submitted by Randall King

March 16, 2020

horse of the day piper laura grant

Our beautiful girl, Princess Piper.”

Submitted by Laura Grant

March 13, 2020

horse of the day blues

“My lovely american trotter – Blues ❤️

Submitted by Daniela Mițelea

March 12, 2020

horse of the day apollo

Me and my Friesian Sporthorse Apollo. He loves posing for the camera.”

Submitted by Regina N Prokopchuk

March 11, 2020

horse of the day piper marlene abbott

My sweet foster mini, Piper”

Submitted by Marlene Abbott

March 10, 2020

horse of the day ringo

This is Ringo 🤣”

Submitted by Katarzyna Kalinowska

March 9, 2020

horse of the day rebel

Rebel being a ham.”

Submitted by Laura Grant

February 25, 2020

horse of the day daytona


Submitted by Denyse Brooks

February 21, 2020

horse of the day alicia meyer grace agent

My beautiful, 13 year old, cremello Quarterhorse mare, Grace Agent.”

Submitted by Alicia Meyer

February 20, 2020

horse of the day jake

“My horse jake”

Submitted by Mackensia Auth

February 19, 2020

horse of the day destiny coleman blu

This is Blu he is 3 years old and loves playing in the mud. He is so sweet and beautiful. I always said I wanted a horse and then I finally got my best friend”

Submitted by Destiny Coleman

February 12, 2020

horse of the day prince susan lilis crumrine

Me and my Prince”

Submitted by Susan Lilis Crumrine

February 11, 2020

horse of the day Bud

My handsome draft x Bud”

Submitted by Vivian Evans

February 10, 2020

horse of the day diesel

This is my Diesel. He is a 16.1h Tennessee Walker gelding”

Submitted by: Jean Daugherty Ilderton

February 6, 2020

horse of the day hidalgo sallie thackham

My boy Hidalgo, rescued from an auction, the most gentle soul.”

Submitted by Sallie Thackham‎

February 5, 2020

horse of the day benny michelle mccrystal

My very best friends little man Benny 28 years young 💙💙”

Submitted by Michelle Mccrystal

February 4, 2020

horse of the day aurab minette olivier

This is my Beuatiful baby boy Aurab..”

Submitted by Minette Olivier

February 3, 2020

horse of the day lyle van fleet off the charts

“Off the Charts watching me cut up carrots”

Submitted by Lyle Van Fleet

January 31, 2020

horse of the day kinger mustang and her filly foal rick dibben

My kiger Mustang and her filly foal !”

Submitted by Rick Dibben

January 29, 2020horse of the day brody jenny

“Brody running to find his Jenny!”

Submitted by Melody Martin

January 23, 2020

horse of the day sissy neill

Submitted by Sissy Neill

January 22, 2020

horse of the day dallas iris shalev

My Dallas with his donkey friend 💚💚”

Submitted by Iris Shalev

January 20, 2020

horse of the day Jasper nancy manchester

Jasper, my 14 y.o. AQHA grulla gelding; happy to do it all: three-day eventing, dressage, and farm and trail hacks.”

Submitted by Nancy Manchester

January 17, 2020

horse of the day jojo


Submitted by Danielle Newstead

January 16, 2020

horse of the day Faith Krehl-Kinnaird

Submitted by Faith Krehl-Kinnaird

January 15, 2020

horse of the day Marcia L. Turner Smith

Submitted by Marcia L. Turner Smith

January 14, 2020

horse of the day lyric

“Love our little Lyric.”

Submitted by Shauna Stevens

January 10, 2020

horse of the day whiskey boy

My whiskey boy gone now but never forgotten xxx”

Submitted by Lyn Edwards

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