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How You Know You’ve Mastered The Heart Of Your Horse

by Modi Ramos

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We love horses, and something tells us that you do too–which is pretty much a given because that’s why you’ve landed here! So, we know that we love them, but what about us? We show our love to them in many ways, and horses are known for being the strong and silent type, which can make us wonder what’s going through their minds. But if they are mammals just like us, certainly they can show that they care in their own ways, right?

Sure, we know that they nuzzle us (which we love!), but there are more ways that they show us just how special we are to them. So we’ve made a list of the 5 ways to tell that your horse cares deeply for you, and hopefully you can check “yes” to all of these!

Now, let’s see if you’ve mastered the heart of your horse!

They Trust You

A horse is not naturally trusting by nature, and there is good reason for that. In the wild, horses are hunted by predators, so they are naturally guarded creatures on alert for something that might cause them harm. For a horse to be able to let their guard down this should signify to you that you make them feel not only comfortable, but also unafraid.


Your Horse Enjoys Your Company

Horses are not one to be affectionate often, because they show their love in different ways. If a horse knows that you have their best interest at heart, prove to be a good leader to them, and you accept them for the way they are, they will in turn enjoy being with you when you are near. And they will not be shy about showing you what your presence means to them.

They Enjoy Your Touch

They say that animals have the ability to read people, and horses are no different. Horses have the keen ability to read a person almost instantly, and for us as their humans, we want nothing more than for them to like us. Plus, it makes our hearts go pitter patter when they take to our affection towards them, like when we stroke their beautiful coat!


You Make The Curiosity Come Out Of Them

If your horse is curious when you are around, and responsive to your movements, this is a very good sign that they like you–a whole lot! When a horse is fond of you, they may tend to follow you around when you’re near, because they want to know what it is that you’re up to. Horses are gentle and sweet, and they show you they care with their desire to be close by.

They Look to You as Their Leader

This is the sort of relationship that has been going on for centuries. If your horse lets it be known that they are yours, this is a huge deal. Respect and trust means everything to them, and for a regal creature like a horse this is the greatest symbol of all. Pat yourself on the back if you’ve mastered the heart of your horse!


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