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Jockey Shows True Sportsmanship When Another Rider Loses His Rein

by ihearthorses

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Regardless of what equine sport you compete in, you want to win. Doesn’t matter if you absolutely love the sport, do it “just for fun” or are hoping to go to the top someday. Everyone wants to win. Of course, for some people, winning is everything. You know those people – they are the ones that try to hide a smile when you find your horse is favoring a foot or you forget a lead change. They might also be the type that “bute a horse up” so they can still show it even if it’s lame. They wouldn’t know true sportsmanship if it was their mount’s name!

Image source: ScottEKelly - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Image source: ScottEKelly – wikimedia.org

But then again, there are the other people. The ones you want to win, of course, but will not do it at “any cost.” Jockey Edgar Prado is a United States Hall of Fame Jockey with a lifetime earnings of $258,700,638 – he is a serious competitor with 6,875 wins during his career. But, he is also a true sportsman.

During a race in 2012, Javier Castellano lost his rein at the beginning of a race. Edgar Prado happened to be riding the horse just to the inside of Castellano and rather than thinking “less competition for me!” he comes to the rider’s aid, using his whip to pick up the fallen rein for Castellano.


Watch his heroic act below:

Prado’s heroic act was more than just a sign of good sportsmanship. He most likely prevented a terrible accident that could have injured not just Castellano and his mount, but several horses and riders. He truly deserves his Hall of Fame status!

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