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Land Once Planned For Marijuana Grow Becomes Equine Therapy Ranch

by ihearthorses

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Growing marijuana is perfectly legal in California, but that doesn’t mean that homeowners want to see it planted in their own backyards. Such was the case when a plot of land just outside Fortuna was purchased by a known grower.

Working with county supervisors, community members were able to convince the land owner to sell.

The plot is now destined to become the new home of Wild Souls Ranch, a non-profit organization that provides equine therapy to adopted and foster children.

Wild Souls was founded by Savanah McCarty in 2012, but until the land in Fortuna became available, they were sharing a ranch with other horse owners in Humboldt County. The arrangement was okay, except for the lack of indoor space.

Humboldt County experiences rainy winters, and the property would get so wet and muddy that it was difficult to keep the equine therapy program going year-round.

Thanks to the generous new land owner, the ranch in Fortuna will feature an indoor riding arena.

McCarty founded Wild Souls Ranch as a way to share the wonderful benefits of equine therapy that she herself experienced as a child with the troubled kids of her community.

“It’s essentially healing through horses,” McCarty said. “They groom and care for them, they learn how to ride. And the horses teach them a lot about themselves and show them a lot of love in return.”

McCarty and the Brown family – who now own the property – have worked out a lease agreement that will allow the organization to grow and thrive – even in wet weather!

“I’m just so thankful to the Humboldt Community and the Brown family,” McCarty said. “Because of them we get to see our dream come true.”



Featured Image via Facebook/Wild Souls Ranch

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