Learn The Delightful Story Behind This Horseback Riding Dinosaur Video!

Horse trainer, Karen Teague of Brookby Heights International in New Zealand was recently asked by a potential buyer whether a horse named Kevin (who happens to be female) is “unflappable”.

Teague decided to shoot a video showing just how steady Kevin really is. She had a rider don an inflatable dinosaur suit and take Miss Kevin for a run on the beach. The hilarious results quickly went viral!

As you can see, Kevin is indeed unflappable! Whether trotting alongside the dancing dinosaur, watching it roll in the sand, or carrying it on her back through the waves and over jumps, Kevin does not miss a step!

When she first arrived at Brookby Heights International Kevin was highly skittish and reactive. Teague told Horse & Hound:

“Kevin came to me, believe it or not, as a horse who was afraid to be ridden. I decided to re-back her to find out what was missing and help her with those areas. Through this process we developed a remarkable bond with Kevin. There was nothing she would not give a go for us and showing her true beautiful nature, she then extended that trust to all humans who met her.”

“Unflappable Kevin” is currently available for sale!


H/T to Horse & Hound

Featured Image via Facebook/Brookby Heights International

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