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Little Boy & His Foal Best Pal Play Adorable Game Of Tag

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Sigurlína Erla Magnúsdóttir lives at the farm Ríp in Skagafjörður fjord, in North Iceland. Her adorable tow-headed son, Þórður Bragi made the local news this past winter when a heartwarming video of him playing with a newborn foal on the family farm went viral on Icelandic social media. Köggur the foal and four-year-old Þórður became best buds shortly after the new arrival made her unexpected appearance.

Þerna frá Ríp með rauðstjörnótta hryssu undan Hver frá Hverhólum (F:Óskasteinn frá Íbishóli)

Posted by Sigurlína Erla Magnúsdóttir on Sunday, June 2, 2013


Köggur came earlier than the family had expected and Þórður got to see the foal just after it was born. He even chose the name, which comes from the children‘s show Pet PAW Patrol. Köggur is the Icelandic name of the character Rubble in the American version of the series.

“Ever since that day they have become more and more curious about one another,”  Sigurlína told DV News. “He comes with us to the stables, where we have allowed Köggur to come out and run around with Þórður. The two of them then play tag. Köggur seeks Þórður out. He is far more likely to follow him than he is to follow us.”

The video appeared on the American video site Rumble this week. How sweet is it that these two cuties have each other to grow up with?

H/T to Iceland Magazine

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