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Horses Meet Skateboarding For A Sport Called “Horse Boarding”

by ihearthorses

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No, we don’t mean boarding your horse somewhere, we are talking about “Horse Boarding,” the extreme sport that is sweeping the UK and other parts of the world. According to this BBC documentary the idea is simple:

The horse starts at a gallop with a rider, and you (the person following along on a skateboard-type device) try to hang one while you beat another team over a 100-400 meter course at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

Look familiar? It’s sort-of like Roman chariot racing…without the chariots…and they consider it a team sport.

“The three of you, the horse, the boarder and the horse rider need to get it exactly right over the 100 meters,” says Daniel Fowler-Prime, a UK Champion Horse-boarder. “One mistake and you’ve lost the race.”

The hardest part, is getting used to the board and the “pull-off,” or start. Even at a walk or a trot, it’s difficult.

Watch the short documentary here:


That’s pretty interesting! Have you ever heard of “Horse Boarding” before? Would you ever try it? Tell us in the comments below.

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