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Man Surprises Everyone By Riding Horse Through Walmart

by ihearthorses

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Woody Fields of Houston, Texas and one of his friends made for some entertainment Sunday evening. Fields told ABC13 he and his friend had just planned for “parking lot pimping,” which is interesting enough as is. But the two didn’t stop there – they felt inclined to actually ride their horses right into the Walmart storefront. Fields said security just stared right at them as they passed by to get inside. For kicks, Fields decided to film their extravaganza while they was on horseback.

Apparently the two men just wanted to get a candy bar and dismounting either of their horses seemed unnecessary. Walmart has responded saying, “We in no way condone yesterday’s reckless stunt inside our store and are thankful no one was hurt by these actions.” Some are worried that patrons and even the horses could have been injured in such an event, especially since one of the horses happened to defecate inside the store.

Fields’ video has been shared over 40,000 times since he posted it and it even made the local news. Thankfully no one was harmed, but we can’t say this is an adventure we recommend repeating. The Walmart aforementioned does have options for leaving your horse outside while you shop in the store, so there was no real excuse to take the animals inside. Needless to say, it’s made for some very interesting conversation around the internet.

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