Mini Horse & His Canine Partner Are The Salvation Army’s Top Bell Ringers

For the past eight seasons, a very special trio of Salvation Army volunteers have delighted holiday shoppers across Wisconsin. Carol Takacs, along with her mini horse Tinker and pooch Telula are bell ringers for the Red Kettle Campaign. (Actually, Tinker rings the bell while Telula lounges on his back!)

Not only are they the cutest Sidewalk Santas around, they also bring in up to ten times the donations of any human volunteer!

On average, Tinker and Telula make about $250 an hour, but they have earned as much as $1,000 in a single hour for the charity.

It turns out the decision to involve the now 18-year-old mini horse in the Red Kettle Campaign came about on a whim. Takacs made a donation to the charity while out shopping and wondered if she could train Tinker to ring a bell.

Once the mini had mastered the task, she contacted the Salvation Army. Needless to say, they were ecstatic to add Takacs, Tinker and Telula to their team of holiday volunteers!

Tinker is more than just adorable and talented, he is also courteous and polite. He rewards those who give donations by holding up a sign that reads, “Thank You… Merry Christmas!”

Not surprisingly, Tinker and Telula are in very high demand. If you would like the chance to meet them in person, check out their list of scheduled appearances here.


H/T to WBAY News

Featured Image via Facebook/Jazz in the Park

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