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Mini Horse Rides Out Of Disaster Zone In A Honda Accord

by ihearthorses

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Important rule to remember when you’re a pet owner fleeing a disaster: if it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pets. But what to do when you have three horses and your trailer only fits two?

Making two trips wasn’t an option for Lauren Mesaros while fleeing the wildfires closing in on her home in Santa Rosa, California, but neither was leaving a single horse behind.

After trying and failing to find help through social media, Lauren recruited a friend to work out the problem. The solution? Lure the third horse into Lauren’s 2001 Honda Accord.

Lauren recruited her friend, Carol Spears, who Lauren calls a “horse whisperer” to help her get Stardust, her mini horse, in the car. Horses must find Carol incredibly persuasive because Lauren tells SF Gate that the miniature pony, just “walked right into the car, like a dog would.”

Lauren’s other two horses had to ride in the trailer, but Stardust got a cushy ride out of danger in the backseat of Lauren’s Honda! Her home was spared any significant damage, but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case for her backseat. Still, she has no regrets when it comes to sacrificing the cleanliness of her car for the life of her horse,

“It’s a little funky in the backseat but [Stardust] survived.”

H/T: SFGate.com

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