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Pony Painting Parties: A Strange Trend Many Are Hoping To See Banned

by Modi Ramos

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We live in a world where strange trends seem to pop up out of nowhere and steadily gain popularity. In recent years, pony painting parties have started to become a thing in the UK. It’s exactly what it sounds like: a party in which the partygoers, typically small children, paint a pony. Nontoxic paints and chalks are used to decorate the pony, but it seems that using an animal as a canvas is leaving some concerned animal activists outraged.

If you ask me, the only type of painted horses I ever want to see are actual paint horses.

I have no idea why on Earth anyone would think pony painting parties were a good idea. Animals are not ours to objectify for entertainment purposes. They should be treated with kindness and respect, always.

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Animal activists have grown increasingly concerned for the well-being of the equines who are forced to participate in this growing trend. They argue that it does not benefit the well-being of the horse, claiming that it’s an unethical practice. Secondly, they argue that this isn’t the message we should be sending to young children—that it’s perfectly okay to objectify an animal for your own entertainment.

Think about children at parties. Loud, shrieking, easily excited. These are all things that our equine friends are not typically fans of. For the sake of these ponies being used, it’s borderline animal cruelty in the eyes of many.

Horses display signs of stress through swishing, flared nostrils, raised tails, sweating and raised heartbeat. And I wouldn’t be surprised if these situations cause horses to become stressed.

Here’s a clip below of a horse being heavily painted…

Change.org is circulating a campaign in hopes of seeing pony painting parties come to an end. If you’d like to sign the petition, you can do so here. 

Horses don’t have a voice to speak for themselves. It’s up to us to defend what is right and what is wrong for the sake of their health and well-being. Hopefully, the pony painting parties trend will be long-forgotten sooner rather than later. I know for myself, I’d never think to allow my children to paint one of our cats or our dog—let alone a horse.

Party organizers for these pony painting parties claim that the horses enjoy the attention and the contact they receive, but, with 334,000 signatures and counting on the Change.org campaign, their claims are falling on deaf ears.

What are your thoughts on this strange trend? Share with us in the comments section, and tell us what you think about all of this.


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