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Relive All Of American Pharoah’s Grand Slam Magic Right HERE!

by Modi Ramos

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Once in a lifetime, a horse comes along that does something that impresses the masses. Like moths to a flame we watched him, falling in love with him even more as time passed. Triple Crown winners are something people wait a lifetime to see, and none other comes to mind at the moment than the great American Pharoah. People naturally love him, as we cheered all year long watching him win after win. (Heck, we’ve even seen dogs who love him!)

Not since 1978 have we seen a horse do the incredible again. Win after went felt unreal, for this horse with a funny spelt name that is just as gentle and sweet as he is brilliant. And to end his illustrious career, the three-year-old American Thoroughbred wasn’t about to go out on top. Because on Saturday, October 31, 2015–he did it again, at the Breeder’s Cup, to become the first horse ever to win a Grand Slam title.

This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime horse, and now you can relive all his greatest victories right here! At the bottom you will see his last race ever, the Breeder’s Cup, where he ended his career in a way we will always remember him as–triumphant and adored by all.

The 2015 Kentucky Derby (little did we know history was being made!):

The 2015 Preakness Stakes (our boy wins again!):

The 2015 Belmont Stakes (it’s okay, I got teary-eyed watching it, too!):

And last of all, The Breeder’s Cup, the Grand Slam win to put American Pharoah forever in history, and always in our hearts…


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