Stallion Enthusiastically Grooms His New Canine BFF

Alexander Achs’ Welsh Corgi, Dezi was a house dog until this summer when she suffered a veterinary emergency. Dezi had surgery to remove a bladder stone and her owners decided that the three-year-old pup should start enjoying “every moment of life.”

They began bringing her to the stables with them and introduced Dezi to Phoenix, their very friendly 13-year-old stallion.

Screenshot via Facebook/Caters News Agency


At first Dezi wasn’t quite sure what to make of the massive beast standing before her. She laid down submissively at Phoenix’s hooves with her belly up.

That’s when the curious stallion began to groom Dezi’s side and tummy. According to Achs, “he even had her whole foot in his mouth at one point.”

“We never expected the two of them to get on like this the first time they met,” Achs told Daily Mail UK. “A horse the size of Phoenix can be very intimidating for a little dog like Dezi. She didn’t know what to think at first but after a while she really enjoyed the attention.”

After several minutes of unabashed affection from Phoenix, Dezi returned the gesture with a doggy kiss on the stallion’s cheek! Awwww!

“They carried on for a couple of minutes but I’m pretty sure Phoenix would have happily groomed his new best friend all day long if we had let him,” Achs said of the unlikely pals.

Hopefully this is just the beginning of a wonderful – and super cute – friendship!


H/T to Daily Mail UK

Featured Image via Facebook/Caters News Agency

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