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Therapy Horses Help Students Relax During Final Exams

If you’re a college student, or you were at one point, you know how stressful finals and midterms can be. Either way, we’re sure that almost everyone can agree that during times of stress, a gentle nuzzle from a lovable mini horse would melt some of that tension away!

An Illinois-based organization called Mane in Heaven has been visiting local college campuses with their mini therapy horse. The goal is to give college kids a few minutes of snuggles and serenity to take the edge off as they prepare for their final exams.

Recently, they’ve made the rounds at Roosevelt University in Chicago and Northwestern University in Evanston. Check out these happy students who got to mingle with the horse!

(Yes, this horse is wearing an adorable pair of hoof-sized sneakers.)

Judging by the students’ happy faces, it seems that this mini horse was able to take the edge off! Would a therapy horse help you feel calmer when you’re stressed?

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