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Thief Apprehended By Man On Horseback

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This is one of those stories that, if someone hadn’t been smart enough to snap a picture of it, we would never believe it happened. First of all, how often does a cowboy bring his horse with him to pick up dog food at Walmart? That’s exactly what Robert Borba was doing last week in Eagle Point, Oregon when he was called into action.

Robert Borba and Old Grey

Robert Borba and Old Grey


He told NBC5 News that he heard a lady yelling: “Stop him he stole my bike!”

And that’s when Borba, a roper and champion bull rider, decided to do something. He grabbed his horse, Old Grey, out of the trailer and roped the man trying to get away on the bike.

Lucky for us, Rob Roque was landscaping in the parking lot and took a picture of Borba apprehending the suspect, whom he held there until police arrived.

Image source: Rob Roque

Image source: Rob Roque

“He did it so well, I thought man he must be in a rodeo or something, it was perfect,” Roque told the news station.

As to why he did it? His answer was just what you would expect from a cowboy: “Poor gal’s bike that could have been her only transportation. Stealing ain’t right so I figured get him stopped you know?” Full of integrity – if only there were more of him in the world!

Watch the full news story below:

How incredible is that! Way to go Borba and Old Grey for going above and beyond to save the day. Have you ever come to someone’s rescue on your horse? Share in the comments!

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