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Two Horses Die, Another Injured In One Day At Del Mar Racetrack

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Two horses died after suffering serious injuries during separate races at Del Mar Racetrack in San Diego on Sunday November 11, 2019, according to ABC 10News. Another horse was badly injured during the racing event as well.

The incidents took place after the start of the fall 2019 Bing Crosby Season at Del Mar Racetrack, a little over a week after the 37th horse death since last December at Santa Anita Park during the Breeder’s Cup. The popular sport has been under scrutiny this year over the many deaths and injuries.

One of the horses that died during Sunday’s race was Ghost Street, a maiden 3-year-old gelding. Ghost Street suffered a major injury to his left leg in the third race on Sunday. Del Mar Racetrack confirmed that the horse was later euthanized on Twitter.

The other horse that died during the racing event was Prayer Warrior. The horse suffered a similar injury during the sixth race that took place on the main track. Confirmation that Prayer Warrior was euthanized was also posted on Twitter not long after the incident.

According to Association Veterinarian for the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Dana Stead, both Prayer Warrior and Ghost Street suffered inoperable fractures to their sesamoid bones. A full autopsy will be carried out in an effort to find out the exact cause of the injuries.

“They have to sustain all the weight of the horse throughout the stride. So you’re talking a horse traveling 30 to 35 mph, putting all that weight on — at any given time — potentially one leg,” Stead said to NBC San Diego . “Those bones sometimes cannot sustain the forces that go along with it.” –

A third horse was injured during Sunday’s racing event at Del Mar Racetrack. Princess Dorian injured her left front leg in the second race on the main track. She was transported to San Luis Rey Equine hospital, where she will be looked at by an orthopedic surgeon.


You can watch ABC 10News’s coverage of the story here:

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