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“Unadoptable” Mustang Wins Western Dressage World Championships

by ihearthorses

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Three strikes: that’s all a federally-protected wild Mustang gets. If they are rounded up and not adopted three times, they lose their protected status (due to being deemed “unadoptable”) and can be sold to “anyone who signs the dotted line and agrees to the terms, such as not selling to slaughter.” However, these are usually the Mustangs that end up in the hands of kill buyers, who lie on the paperwork. (protectmustangs.org)

Cobra was one of these Mustangs. Born wild in Nevada, he was rounded up, gelded, and sent to three adoption events and was overlooked each time. At the third, he was deemed “unadoptable” and received the special brand that goes along with it. That’s when Marsha Hartford-Sapp saw Cobra and took a chance on him.


It proved to be an incredible decision – as the pair went on to win both the World Championship title and the Reserve World Championship title at the WDAA Western Dressage World Championship Show this month.


Watch Cobra and Marsha in one of their classes at the World Championships below:

We couldn’t be happier for Marsha and her amazing Mustang Cobra. Maybe more people will consider a wild Mustang for their next performance horse. And if you do, check out the three strikes lot, your very own Cobra could be waiting for you.

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