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‘Unicorn’ Leads California Highway Patrol On 4 Hour Goose Chase

by ihearthorses

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What would you do if you were driving your car, possibly on the way home from work, and all of sudden a small white unicorn darted by. Would you think you were over-worked? Had one too many at the bar on the way home? Maybe it’s time to take a vacation?

Traffic goers in Madera County, California were probably thinking all those things and more when a small white unicorn (really a pony in disguises) escaped a child’s birthday party Wednesday night and led the highway patrol on a fanciful, four-hour fairytale chase through the streets.

Juliet is owned by Sandra Boos, who dresses her up as a unicorn for photo shoots, including children’s birthday parties.

Juliet Finally got to get in on some of the pixie dust fun!! Sorry folks, I couldn’t resist!! Happy Monday all!!

Posted by Sandra Boos Photography on Monday, February 8, 2016

Motorists who saw her on the street said they were hesitant to call it in. Would you be?

Thankfully, after four-hours, Juliet was caught without any harm coming to her. It took another horse, to lure Juliet into a nearby pen.

unicorn flee

Watch the entirely too cute news video below:

What a cute and naughty pony! I’m not sure those new horns suit her and I am pretty sure she won’t be in demand for children’s parties with those on…except at Halloween maybe?

(h/t: USAToday.com)

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