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Hilarious Commercial Features Moonwalking Pony

by ihearthorses

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It can be hard to make it through the work day. You’re sitting at your desk, waiting on crabby customers or trying to get 30 children to be interested in something that happened 100 years ago, before (gasp!) cell phones. You’d rather be in the saddle – we so get that! If only there was something you could pop up on your computer, tablet or cellphone that would make your day at work just a tiny bit better. And here it is…


The cure for your horse-less workplace – the moonwalking pony! If you haven’t seen this guy, then you are missing out BIG time.


This CGI Shetland might be one of the cutest things you will ever see, and he is ready to strut his stuff whenever you need a pick me up. Just click the play button below:


There was a mobile app that allowed you to create your own Pony Mixer, but we are pretty sure that bosses had it removed after productivity tanked. However, there is a My Little Pony app for Apple and Android where you can play with colorful ponies, give them homes, and collect items to trade for more ponies. So if you are missing your horse and bored at work, check it out.


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