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Weigh In: Horse Tubing, Crazy Fun Or Just Crazy?

by ihearthorses

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Riding in the snow is fun, but, taking your cart horse out is nearly impossible unless you own an expensive sleigh. So what do you do to exercise your cart horse during those snowy months? Some people apparently horse-tube!


It’s exactly as it sounds and I have to admit, in my 30 years of being around horses, I have never heard of it! People hitch up their horse, sit in an inner tube, grab the reins, and hold on! I gotta admit, it looks fun….unless your tube is too close to those flying hooves…then, not so much. But these people seem to having a ton of fun:

Tubing day 3!

Posted by Kenna Nye on Thursday, December 31, 2015

And judging by the comments on her video, a lot of people have done this before and love it! So How do you get a horse used to such a thing? Here’s a video showing the horse being led, which is probably a good way to start:

Then the leader gets on the horse, which gives you a lot more control, especially if your horse is not used to pulling something:

If your horse has never done any type of pulling, I would also recommend first having them pull the tube with a non-living weight inside, just in case. If your horse acts spooked, don’t do it!

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