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When You Can’t Afford A Horse, But Love To Ride…

by ihearthorses

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We’ve all been there are some point. Life changes have left you without a way to ride, but you are missing it big time. Luckily, there is a solution for you. You may be thinking we are going to tell you to borrow a friend’s horse, or see if you can trade work for lessons.


Nope. Nothing like that. Instead, we think you should take a page from this amazing street theater group and get yourself one of these horses….we promise they are easy keepers! Heck, he won’t even need a pasture…


Now, we know what you are thinking – what about the sound of hoof beats? Just bang a few coconuts together. We are sure you can a find a little bird to help you get some.

You and your friends can even get together and have a horse show. These three men were getting ready to represent France at the Olympic Games in London 2012 – wonder how their mounts preformed? Watch the hilarity below:

Come on, you know you are secretly planning the color of your very own mount. Maybe yours is a unicorn? And for kids, this is certainly an upgrade to the stick horse! How many of you played with one of those when you were young? Tell us in the comments.

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